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When I joined Royal LePage, Lakes of Muskoka Real Estate Brokerage 14 years ago, and Mark a few years before that, all continuing education courses and client meetings were in person, printed catalogues were just being phased out and GPS was, at best, unreliable. The tools we used operated in isolation. They added value in fixed, functional ways but didn’t effectively communicate across the enterprise or improve the professional life of a real estate professional.  Change, through the introduction of behavioural automation and latest technologies more generally, has been revolutionary.

In 2020, Royal LePage and 20,000+ realtors, under the RLP umbrella, together invested in a Canadianized version of the kvCORE real estate platform. This latest investment enables realtors to  respond more precisely to both what a client asks of us, and how they behave.  It’s like putting our “listening to understand” approach on steroids.  So, what does this unprecedented embrace of automation and other technological advances in real estate - actually means to helping you buy or sell?

These advances mean we can devote less time to process and more time to your specific needs.  The predictive behavioural capabilities and sophisticated analytics embedded in our systems help us:

  • better tailor the time and resources we share with you, as our clients, whether buying or selling.
  • be more proactive and less reactive. 
  • offer direct, timely and personalized communication via multiple means so that we better meet the specific requirements of our most loyal clients, head on. 

Some clients enjoy consulting multiple sources, want to peruse everything they can find online and are most interested in whether our analyses aligns with theirs.  Others prefer to receive a well-sourced, high-level analysis from us and many are somewhere in between. New technologies mean we can adapt our information delivery to your preferences in real-time so that you are making informed decisions at every stage of the process.


The quality and global reach of our marketing has improved dramatically through these advances in technology. Your property can be globally showcased across multiple platforms - print, video, web, socials - instantly.  And, we track the results of every campaign to share with you.  

Your listing information is entered by each real estate professional, or support person, into the MLS backend system. A data distribution feed then delivers your information from the MLS backend system to:

  • every licensed Canadian Brokerage and Realtor who subscribes and is set up to receive this information. Brokerages and Realtors then have the option to distribute listing information to their potential buyers via their own websites and other means. Information is then collated by the Canadian Real Estate Association, monitored and tracked in real time. The most detailed property-specific marketing information is then made available to the listing realtor so that we can share this information with our Seller client.
  • And to, the consumer-facing MLS 

Thanks to this technology, we can send you real time analysis with information that is as detailed or high-level as you desire so that together, by virtual or in person meeting, phone call,  email or text we can better analyse and refine our marketing approach accordingly. 


Canadian Realtors and Brokerages have not only invested in the MLS system via the Canadian Real Estate Association, but also their own websites - each offering multiple search functions that respond to viewer preferences. Investments in high-quality photography, video, drone footage and detailed floor plans simply weren't available or supported by the MLS system until relatively recently. This makes it easier for Buyers to curate and save properties of most interest. 

Search algorithms within MLS and individual Royal LePage systems can intuitively respond to what a buyer is looking at, helping us better and more quickly understand when and how what you, the Buyer, may have told us initially has adjusted or changed entirely.  This process helps you to narrow considerations of price, location, attributes and amenities. 

By the time we show a property in person, clients have typically viewed more properties and narrowed their search criteria more precisely than has ever been possible. This not only saves you time but also the Realtor, who prepares for and shows each property. It also gives a motivated Seller more confidence that potential Buyers are well qualified to view their property.

In today's fast-paced real estate market, staying ahead means embracing innovation while never losing site of the human touch we provide. The integration of cutting edge technology with our day to day work has not only streamlined processes but also empowered real estate professionals to provide more personalised  services, with greater care and efficiency, to their clients. 

If you're considering a move, now is the time to explore the possibilities. Reach out to us today to discover how these advancements can benefit your property sale or search. 

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When I joined Royal LePage, Lakes of Muskoka Real Estate Brokerage 14 years ago, and Mark a few years before that, all continuing education courses and client meetings were in person, printed

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